GODDESS BOX: Signs from the Universe

If I had to describe the Goddess Box in one word it would be self love (ok so 2 words). The SurSHE Goddess box is full of self love items, this includes self care, self improvement and self awareness. The Goddess Box is full of products that will pamper you, help you relax and unwind but also products that empower you, lift your spirits and inspire you! This box was VITAL to the SurSHE themed line of boxes because of some personal experiences that have shaped and prepared me for the undertaking of my own company. Let me explain. 


Universal Signs

At the beginning of 2019 I was asked to help with an event in March hosted by Bumble Bizz to celebrate International Women’s Day. The event would be a celebration of women in ‘Bizzness’ and to announce a new platform of Bumble Bizz focusing on women. At this event, there would be the “top women in Charlotte to do business with”. I was responsible for the bar, and creating a fun cocktail menu inspired by influential and empowering women. I had always been excited for this event but about 2 weeks before the event, I had the idea for SurSHE and had been silently stewing on it.
When I got to the Bumble party that night I was bursting to tell someone about my idea and meet all of the incredible women in attendance. After talking to the people who are hosting the event and getting the bar in order, I started to mingle and for some reason felt very drawn to 2 specific women in the room. I had always had ‘gut instincts’ about some things, but this night, it was almost as if a voice was saying to me “TALK TO THEM!” So I did. I went up to the first woman I felt a need to meet and introduced myself and even told her, I don’t know why but I feel very drawn to you (thank god she didn’t immediately run and think I was a serial killer), I asked her about what she did and she told me she did some graphic design, built websites and was a business coach. I mean…I just had an entire vision and idea for a company and the first person I was drawn to was a business coach?? I thought to myself “ok Universe... I’m listening..”
We all sat down for dinner (there were maybe 20 of us), and started to introduce ourselves to the table and talk about what we do, but before we got to talking, there was a woman sitting across the table and a few people down from me, I looked at her and said “we need to talk!”, a little confused, she asked “why?”, and very honestly I told her “I don’t know, but we do." I got her card, but by then the table conversation began and we didn’t say much else to each other. I knew for some reason I needed her card. 
After we all introduced ourselves around the table, we were asked to write a letter to ourselves to open in January of 2020. I wrote everything I envisioned for SurSHE. I wrote words of encouragement, but mostly I wrote about how I hoped that by the time I was reading this that I had mustered up the courage to put all of my ideas into action. That when I read this card I wasn’t doing the same thing I was doing right then... That I was brave enough to chase after what I really wanted. I addressed the card to myself and handed it back to the woman in charge of the event as they planned to stamp them and mail the letters to us. 
A couple days later we got the cards in the mail. I put mine away in a box in my bedside table where I keep sentimental items and didn’t think anything of it. A couple weeks later I met with the business coach I introduced myself to at the Bumble dinner. I told her my vision for SurSHE and everything I wanted to do. Not only did she love the idea but she wanted to help me and the website you are reading this blog on…was built by her. While meeting with her that day, we talked about all things spiritual, meditation, crystals, our love of tarot cards and our favorite spirituality books. She told me about the book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabby Bernstein, and since I was currently INHALING self help/spirituality books, I couldn’t wait to read this one. I bought the book that day and dove in. In the book Gabby talks about having a ‘sign from the universe’ and how we often ask The Universe/God/Spirit (it’s all the same y’all) for a sign, but are too in our head and interpret anything we see as a sign, so we must assign ourselves a ‘universal sign.' It could be anything -- a number, a color, a song, a person, an animal, anything! (Gabby’s is an owl) In the book she instructs you to close your eyes, focus on wanting a universal sign and whatever you see. That’s it. I followed her directions and closed my eyes, immediately, a red cardinal popped into my head. So there it was, my ‘universal sign’ from here on out, would be a red cardinal. 
Fast forward a couple weeks and I had watched one episode of Marie Kondo and was obsessed with clearing out my house of the clutter. When I got to my bedside table, I opened the box full of sentimental items and on top sat the letter I had written myself from the Bumble Bizz dinner. The second I saw the letter, I was covered in goosebumps, because in the top right corner, sat the stamp and on that stamp was my universal sign. A red cardinal. I had written this letter BEFORE I chose my sign. I handed the letter in WITHOUT putting a stamp on it. And here it sat…stamped with MY SIGN.



Albert Einstien said “coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous” and you guys…I had never been more sure in my life of the power of the universe. If you put your dreams and your vision out there, you absolutely have the power to manifest it into reality. So often, we are afraid to voice the things we really want in fear of them being rejected but you guys, what if it ISN’T REJECTED??? What if you boldly told the world who you are and what you want to do and the world looked back at you and said “go on girl!” It really is all in your hands.
I took this OBVIOUS sign from the universe that I was on the right path and decided to find the card for the other woman I met at the dinner, her name was Rachel. I found her on social media and saw just how successful and talented this woman was. In addition to owning her own Med-spa (Urban Skin Solutions), she also owns a company called Urban Skin RX, a skin care line sold in Target and Ulta (NO BIG DEAL). While looking at her pictures I couldn’t stop obsessing over her beautiful packaging and sent her a DM asking her where she got it made. To my surprise she responded and told me the details. I contacted the company she referred and you guys…that’s now the same company that makes SurSHE boxes. 

Goddess Box

So let me go over this one more time…I went to an event and felt my inner voice pushing me to talk to certain people. I listened to that voice and one of those people is now my business coach and built my entire website and the other helped me find my boxes. I listened to a book tell me how to choose a sign from the universe and when I saw those signs I listened again. Universe is REAL. Energy and vibes are REAL. Manifesting is REAL. And for those still reading who don’t think I’m a total loon…the Goddess Box is for you. 
The SurSHE Goddess Box is for the women out there who want nothing but love, light and the highest vibrations possible! This box will always be packed full of products meant to pamper you and love yourself but also items meant to help you improve and align with the highest version of yourself. When you think Goddess Box think self care, self improvement, alignment, yoga, meditation, crystals, and all things spiritual. The things in this first season of SurSHE boxes are all amazing but the Goddess Box is extra special. I can’t wait for you all to see! Love and light y’all!