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Sursy: An old Southern term for a small, unexpected gift. 

SurSHE: A new Southern term for an unexpected gift to her from SHE.


Ok so... quite literally, SurSHE is just a play on the word Sursy, meaning the box you get on your doorstep is an unexpected gift - meant for you - from all the female business owners who are a part of our community here at SurSHE!
I know what you’re thinking... “OK, you explained what a SurSHE is, but what exactly IS a sursy?”

What is a sursy?

Growing up, my mom told me about her grandmother and how she kept a sursy closet in her home. Whenever she would go visit a friend or go to dinner at someone’s house, she would always put a little sursy together for them with items from her sursy closet. She would have items like thank you cards, pretty little trinkets, fruits and vegetables she had canned, jams, honey, bags of tea, and other little goodies. She always prepared a sursy and never showed up empty handed.

Where did the idea for SurSHE come from?

Every year, my husband and I like to write down our New Year’s Resolutions and share them with each other. Right before the 2019 New Year, I was in the shower debating what my list of resolutions would be. I was thinking:
1. Read one book a month
2. Help people and give more
3. Save more money/be debt free
And then I thought…how am I going to help people and give back more AND save more money AND be debt free? As soon as I had that thought, I felt something pushing me to pray, which was not an everyday thing for me, but my intuition said to do it. So, I dropped to my knees right then and there and prayed a very short, to the point, prayer. All I said was “use me to help people. Fast forward two months later and I had to be in Raleigh for work. Coincidentally, my girlfriend, and the wife of my husband’s life long best friend, Katie, had just started a hair bow business with her neighbor, and they also lived in the Raleigh area. We had a family photo shoot that upcoming weekend and I texted Katie on a whim on the way to Raleigh and asked if she had any bows already made (their launch wasn’t for a couple more weeks) that my baby girl, Emilia, could wear for our family pictures. She said she had some ready and that I could come pick one up that day!
I got to Katie’s house to get the bow and got to talking about just how proud I was of her and what she was doing. Katie had an idea, put in the work, and made it come to fruition..that’s a HUGE deal. I had had a million ideas for my own business but tore them apart in my head in seconds. Katie’s entrepreneurial spirit truly inspired me that day. I got in my car and as I headed out of her neighborhood my mind was swirling with ideas of posts I need to make to talk about her business, people I needed to tell about it, and ways I could help her sell as many bows as possible. As I pulled up to a stop light I said out loud to myself “How can I help her grow her business more?” And it was as if the universe had been waiting for me to ask that questions because as soon as the words left my mouth, the idea for SurSHE popped in my head. The name, the idea, the details… all of it came pouring in. I texted Katie to ask her what she thought of the idea and she texted back saying she had tears in her eyes because it was so good. I took her text of approval and ran with it. I kept my mouth shut for 7 months (which, if you know me, you’d know that THAT was my biggest feat) while I built SurSHE, the company that came to me at a stoplight.

What is SurSHE?

SurSHE is a female empowerment company with two purposes. If you are a subscriber, SurSHE is a seasonal subscription box that allows you to shop local and support the women around you. Plus, each box purchased allows you to give back to charities and causes that change seasonally and are nominated by you! If you are a female entrepreneur, SurSHE is a marketing platform to help deliver your brand and story to the women who are looking to support you.
I knew from day one that this business was so much bigger than me. That it is nothing short of divine intervention and the universe handing me the greatest gift. I talk about this business like it is already a huge success because I have a deep sensing of knowing that it already is. My lack of doubt comes from my unshakeable "why” and my desire to help women grow the businesses and share their gifts with the world, while helping give back to people who need it most. I believe when your intentions are pure, the universe sees it and aligns you with the people and opportunities that are meant for you. So here we are with 4 boxes full of products and women who are changing the world starting in their community and I couldn’t be more proud to show them off.
XO Mckenzie
Founder SurSHE

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